About Globisens

Established in April 2009, Globisens is an education technology company, focused on delivering the most modern pioneering solutions for K-12 science. In October 2011, Globisens launched the Labdisc all-in-one multi-disciplinary laboratory for every science field including physics, biology, chemistry, environmental studies and geography.

In 2012, after only existing for one year, the Labdisc quickly won the WorldDidac award for innovation and pedagogic value, quickly followed by the Technology and Learning  Awards of Excellence. The following year the Labdisc was awarded the
e-learning innovation award with received over 200 entries. Today more than 100,000 students worldwide are using the Labdisc to improve their individual and national science prospects.

A single Labdisc replaces more than 12 traditional instruments and can turn any classroom into a hands-on science laboratory.The Labdisc releases teachers from hours of setup and calibration and can save schools substantial technology investments in dedicating funds and space to a traditional laboratory.

The Labdisc revolutionary design fully integrates with the latest technology tools penetrating schools today, such as netbooks, active whiteboards and tablets.

Globisens Vision:

To become the first choice for 21st century school laboratories 

Globisens Mission Statement:

  • To revolutionize the hands-on science and math education market place with data logging tools that focus on convenience and ease-of-use 
  • To engage and inspire K-12 science students with an accessible and fun exploration tool for understanding abstract science concepts
  • To transform the perception of science as old fashioned, complicated and boring
  • To firmly establish inquiry-based learning as part of every school’s science activities
  • To deliver a functional learning system that can help teachers instantly incorporate inquiry-based learning into the classroom
  • To relieve teachers of the burden of testing, calibrating and settng up additional equipment before hands-on science activities

To ensure enquiry based learning was never so comfortable and easy by bringing about real change!