Labdisc Video Library

Experiments with the Labdisc
A montage of K to 12 experiments with the Labdisc in biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics.
How to Pair the Labdisc and Computer
Pairing allows completely cable-free Bluetooth wireless communication
Sound Wave
Using the Labdisc built-in microphone sensor and a standard tuning fork to visualize a sound wave
Boyle’s Law
Analyzing the relationship between the pressure and volume of a confined gas at constant temperature using the Labdisc air pressure sensor.
Lenz Law
Studying the relationship between a magnetic field and an electric current in a conductor. The experiment is performed using the Physio Labdisc and its Low Voltage sensor.
How Big is the Classroom?
With the distance (motion) sensor students can get the feel of how long is a meter, as well as gain an understanding of distances and sizes found in their classroom.
How Hot or Cold is the Water?
With the Labdisc and external temperature sensor students measure a warm glass of water and a cold glass of water. They view the live data building on graphs as the real-time temperature measurements are taken
Measuring Sound Pollution
Students use the sound sensor to measure the level of sound inside their school and on the noisy street outside, using the GPS sensor to plot the data on a map. The students made their own evidence-based discoveries about how noise impacts learning and the quality of daily life, drawing conclusion on how to protect buildings from noise. 
BOXLIGHT STEM SOLUTIONS - Introduction to Labdisc
"Labdisc: Think of it as a launch-pad for the imagination. Or, a home base for hands-on learning adventures."
Tecnociencia TV features the Labdisc for school science
This short movie clip shows the Labdisc being used in the Arquimed technology showroom and out in the field at the Parque Forestal, an urban Santiago city park. 
Labdisc in Space
The Labdisc is launched by helium balloon into space to record temperature, air pressure, sound, humidity and GPS by UK primary school children. The movie shows the full story from planning to launch, landing and data analysis.
Labdisc in Space
LabDiscs at Citrus Elementary School
Citrus elementary school 5th graders from Florida Indian river county experiment with the Labdisc.
LabDiscs at Citrus Elementary School
LabDisc at Bernalillo Elementary School
4th graders, using the Labdisc for environmental studies and micro climate observations. New Mexico USA.
LabDiscs at Bernalillo Elementary School