Globisens opens up the world of physics with Next Generation Dynamic Dymo Sensor

Labdisc Dymo measuring force and 3-axis acceleration

Now middle and high school students can grasp even the most sophisticated physics concepts in motion with the Globisens new high accuracy and wireless, dynamic sensor - Dymo.The sensor measures force at a range of ±50N, 3-axis acceleration at a range of ±8g and has a sampling rate fixed at 500 samples per second.

Globisens Labdisc Wins the Worlddidac 2012 Award for Innovation and Pedagogic Value

Award for innovation and pedagogic value

After only a few months since it's release, the Labdisc Gensci with GlobiLab software has won the Worlddidac Award, the most recognized international prize in the education sector.

The award is presented every two years to innovative and pedagogically valuable products with a high potential to improve learning or teaching.