New Lenz Law Video Experiment from Globisens

Using the Physio Labdisc and built-in low voltage sensor

The most recent addition to the line of video training experiments from Globisens makes the complexities of magnetic fields easy, enabling students to visualize Lenz and Faraday Laws. The purpose of this activity is to study the relationship between a magnetic field and an electric current in a conductor. The experiment is performed using the Physio Labdisc and its Low Voltage sensor.

Labdisc wins 30th Annual Awards of Excellence "Outstanding Education Technology Products Saluted"

Globisens were announced by the Tech & Learning magazine as education technology products winners as part of the Awards of Excellence prestigious 30-year-old recognition program. Award winning software, hardware, network, Web products include innovative applications that break new ground as well as those that added significant enhancements to proven education tools.