GlobiWorld for elementary schools

Elementary school students enter the captivating GlobiWorld. Here seven vivid scientific theme parks and interactive science labs can be explored with multiple data formats, analysis tools, science trivia and biographies of famous scientists.

A wealth of learning resources

Each park has a state-of-the-art laboratory, multiple data display and experiment workbooks. Together with biographies of world renowned scientists and amazing science trivia, GlobiWorld is bursting with fun learning tools that appeal to growing minds.

Science that’s accessible

Packaging powerful data analysis tools, such as bar graphs, meters and functions, in a colorful theme park, GlobiWorld offers an enriched learning experience young scientists will never forget.

Science with personality

GlobiWorld puts a face to some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs, with biographies of famous figures like Newton, Apgar and Franklin helping understand the impact of their discoveries.

NEW - GPS data logging!

GlobiWorld integrates Google Maps global positioning for a unique experimentation experience.

GlobiWorld was created in collaboration with Compedia ©