GlobiLab for iOS

iOS devices, like the iPad, provide an excellent platform for multimedia-rich visualization of abstract science concepts. What’s more, teachers and students of all ages will do just about anything to get their hands on one!

Enhancing education features and qualities in the science learning environment, GlobiLab for iOS currently supports versions up to 11.x.

iOS Look and Feel

The design of the software replicates the iOS aesthetic, applying the meter GUI with colorful data display in a variety of meter types.

Connecting data with real events

Additional multimedia features include advanced markers and annotation functionality, allowing text and images to be added at key points along the graph and enabling students to tell the experiment story behind their data results.

Multi-touch control

What’s more, the iPad multi-touch pinch and pan gestures deliver an even more immediate learning experience. For example, students can further appreciate GPS functionality using just a finger and thumb to map, zoom, pan or change scale.

GlobiLab iOS software includes the following features:

  • Variety of data displays including: Meters, table, bar graph, line graph and Google Maps
  • File management: Open and save samples to the iOS device. Access saved data from the desktop computer using iTunes, or remotely via iCloud
  • Labdisc management: Setup of all data logging parameters, online display of current measurements (up to 100 samples/sec.) and download of the Labdisc sample memory
  • Graph manipulations: Markers, zoom, crop, text and image annotation
  • Data analysis: Including statistics and curve fitting
  • Workbook: Engaging experiment workbooks investigating key science concepts


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